3 February 2021

Delano Live Chat: LGBT on top

Last week our CEO, Enrique Sacau, took part in a live chat on the topic of diversity in the commercial world. Here are some of his highlights (you can watch the full video on Delano’s site).

In this live chat we hear from three C-Level executives, each of whom are either advocates for diversity or have personally had to navigate through the commercial world whilst also being part of the LGBT community. What challenges did they face and how did they deal with them? As managers have they taken any steps to ensure diversity? What can organisations do to ensure they are inclusive?

Enrique Sacau CEO (Kneip)
Ninian Wilson CEO (Vodafone Procurement Company),
Barbara Agostino, Owner and Founder, (Creche Barbara).


Jim Kent (Maison Moderne)

The full video of the event (with questions!) is available on Delano’s site.

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