Business challenge

UCITS KIIDs need to be produced at a share-class level and revised every 17 weeks, annually or when a specific triggering event occurs. Trying to manage data from several different vendors in multiple systems can be both labour and cost intensive. As a result, the constant production of KIIDs is often a significant task, and maintaining accurate information across all documents can be challenging and risky.

Our solution

We provide a full solution for producing and maintaining UCITS KIIDs, which can be scaled to generate large volumes of documents in peak production periods. With Kneip you can produce all your KIIDs effectively and with timely updates using an auditable, trackable workflow. You can not only monitor the generation of your KIIDs and review their status, but you can also receive alerts about exceptions in the data or notifications about data needed to be gathered, reviewed or translated.


  • Ensure compliance with the UCITS directive
  • Stay ahead of regulatory changes with timely updates of reports using an auditable, trackable workflow
  • Manage peak production periods with a scalable solution
  • Maximise efficiency with end-to-end production, filing and dissemination

How we support it

The following products support your MiFID compliance efforts:

UCITS. Create and maintain UCITS KIIDs.
Fund Registration & Filing. To home and host regulators.
EMT. Manage EMTs and ensure that market standards are met.
Transaction Costs. Calculate transaction costs.
Ongoing Charges. Calculate ongoing charges.
Document Dissemination. Disseminate your UCITS KIIDs.
Data Publication. Publish your UCITS data.
Legal Announcements. To media outlets.

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