Business challenge

Asset managers are responsible to ensure that their funds are being sold to the correct target market audience. The standard of target market data received is often inconsistent and of poor quality, which increases the risk of non-compliance and fines. Producing and disseminating EMTs can be challenging too, as costs and charges calculations are often unclear and time-consuming.

Our solution

We can help you gather your data in a single source of truth, run calculations for the different MIFID contexts (ex-post/ex-ante) and automatically feed into the section in Target Market of your EMT before it gets disseminated. The monitoring functionality also allows you to keep up-to-date EMTs and helps you to comply with the regulation.


  • Speed up your cost and charges calculations and focus on exceptions
  • Reduce reputational risk with quality controls to ensure accurate and up-to-date data and document dissemination
  • Leverage your data by re-usingĀ for production and dissemination

How we support it

The following products support your MiFID compliance efforts:

EMT. Manage EMTs and ensure that market standards are met.
Transaction Costs. Calculate transaction costs.
Ongoing Charges. Calculate ongoing charges.
Document Dissemination. Disseminate your EMTs.
Data Publication. Publish your MiFID data.
Legal Announcements. To media outlets.

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