Kneip does all the work to make your data available on our Digital Platform: you can send it to us in whatever format or method you wish. We also have direct links with administrators to take it at the source. With your fund data on our Digital Platform, you decide what you want to do (register a fund, calculate and report, publish data and documents, perform oversight) and you can instantly see what data is already available, and what data is missing. A dashboard provides you with more control and a clear picture of your fund data, highlighting issues or suggesting actions.


  • Create one single source of truth for your fund data
  • On-board your data once and leverage it across multiple outputs
  • Control your data consistency and focus on adding value to your core business
  • Gain a clear view of your data quality and its readiness for immediate use

What's included?

  • Management of your fund structure and segregated accounts set up on the Digital Platform
  • Mapping of your data to the data catalogue
  • Data normalisation through header and content value mapping
  • Pre-processing settings to define your own formats
  • Upload of any datapoint using a flexible user interface with unique and tested user experience
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