With Kneip you can control the dissemination of documents to data vendors and intermediaries according to several criteria. At any time, you can see what has been sent when, and if your submission has been transferred properly to the recipient. Your scope can be maintained according to distribution agreements and registration status to ensure that data vendors and intermediaries do not receive more than they should get. Kneip also provides a unique document management system to store all your fund documents, with full transparency over document versions and dissemination status. The service integrates with our data and document production to ensure an automatic end-to-end flow.


  • Reduce administrative burden and the maintenance of your distribution network, independent from the type of recipient
  • Reduce costs with process automation and align scope of dissemination on a single platform for all your fund documents and industry standards
  • Reduce reputational risk with quality controls to ensure accurate and up-to-date data and document dissemination

What's included?

  • Dissemination of EMT, EPT, CEPT, UCITS KIID, PRIIPs KID, Factsheets, Annual reports as well as Semi-Annual reports and prospectuses to data vendors and intermediaries
  • Document management system to store all fund documents

Faster, safer, better
fund distribution

Publish 100% consistent data and documents to all the right destinations, accelerate investor disclosure and grow your market footprint

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