We provide an easy-to-use, automated system for running your transaction cost calculations. Once your data is uploaded, we automatically calculate the individual results and perform real-time monitoring of the results to flag exceptions based on your defined thresholds. When all individual calculations have been completed, an aggregated transaction cost can be computed. And if you upload over 1 million transactions, there’s no need to go through every transaction manually to confirm the result. At the click of a button you can define the method used while we automatically pull the market data in, covering exchange-traded securities and OTC trades with evaluated prices.


  • Speed up the calculation and focus on exceptions instead of reviewing every transaction
  • Leverage your data by re-using for production and dissemination
  • Gain insights into specific performance against real market pricing
  • Gain instant access to our library of 60,000 EPTs and 70,000 EMTs.

What's included?

  • Automated data import via Secure File Transfer and manual import via user interface, including formatting and
    quality controls
  • Calculation of transaction costs for PRIIPs, MiFID II Ex-Ante and MiFID II Ex-Post via arrival price method, new PRIIPs method (including fixed spreads) and fixed fee / observation method
  • Validation of calculated results
  • Publication of calculated results to PRIIPs and/or MiFID II production
  • Automated monitoring of individual calculated results for each transaction based upon your specific thresholds and exceptions management
  • DC Workplace Pensions: Production of DC Pensions Template (DCPT) as well as Fair Value Mid-Price Template (FVPT)
  • CTI reporting: A full solution for CTI reporting

Our products can support your compliance efforts

Helping you manage your transaction costs calculation under PRIIPs and MiFID II

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