19 March 2024

The process of disseminating fund data to enhance and maximize your distribution footprint – Part 1

The fund industry is facing increasing pressure to publish accurate and timely data to various stakeholders. Asset managers need to comply with complex and evolving regulations, meet the expectations of investors and distributors, and maintain their competitive edge in the market. However, managing and publishing fund data is not an easy task. It involves multiple challenges, such as:

  • Data Quality: How to ensure that the data is complete, consistent, and error-free across different sources and formats.
  • Data Delivery: How to deliver the data to the right destinations, in the right formats, and at the right frequency.
  • Data Visibility: How to monitor and track the data publication process and status and provide transparency and feedback to the stakeholders.

Join us in this blog post series where we explore the intricacies of these challenges and delve into how Kneip’s Data Publication service can assist. This week, we will focus on the ingest process for all data into Kneip.

At the core of Kneip’s operations lies our in-house software, Dataglide. Dataglide ensures consistent accuracy and relevance of your data across your entire distribution network, while also streamlining operational workflows. The process begins with data ingestion. Unlike other market players, Kneip does not impose rigid format requirements. Instead, Dataglide allows flexible ingestion, requiring only confirmation of your preferred data transmission method. Whether your data is in one file or scattered across multiple files from various corners of your business, Kneip will harmonise and map to our comprehensive data catalogue.

With over 2500 individual data points, there is nothing Kneip cannot map and ingest. Should Kneip not already have a specific data point created, we swiftly incorporate it into our catalogue, ensuring that all your data is seamlessly ingested and market ready. Once this initial mapping process is complete, the entire process becomes fully automated, and Dataglide will continuously monitor the quality of your data each time it is ingested, ensuring ongoing consistency and accuracy.

From here, Dataglide and Kneip step in, alleviating the operational challenges of disseminating your data across diverse formats and frequencies within your distribution network. We take care of all the vendor requirements on your behalf. Join us in the next blog post of this series, where we delve into how Kneip accomplishes this and assists you in further enhancing your distribution footprint.

If you have any questions or would like to know how Kneip can help you, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].



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