We provide a one stop shop for the editing, type-setting and publication of legal announcements, including notifications for upcoming scheduled AGMs and review/sign-off processes to reflect corporate approval structures. We can provide translations and ensure compliance with your brand and corporate identity guidelines, and liaise with media to book space or follow up that your legal announcements get published. When you publish legal announcements with Kneip, the information can instantly be used to instruct us to make amendments on existing publications, or to cancel publications of share classes in media.


  • Reduce media spend as you benefit from preferential rates across all media
  • Reduce administrative burden with an integrated workflow from production through to review, publishing and monitoring
  • Reduce corporate governance risk with tracking of publication dates for mandatory announcements and reminder notifications
  • Perform oversight and gain a clear view of the audit trail to ensure delivery of the data and documents

What's included?

Creation and publication of all relevant legal announcements required for the fund governance eg. annual shareholders’ meetings and ad-hoc publications, such as for mergers or liquidations.

Our products can support your compliance efforts

Legal announcements and the call that never came

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