We provide an easy-to-use, automated system, which operates across the entire ongoing charges reporting lifecycle, from data import through to calculations and publication. Once your data is imported, we apply controls to ensure consistency and sound data quality ahead of the calculation process. Multiple contributors can update different fields and you can choose your calculation frequency and calculate different configurations according to the regulatory context. Validating and publishing the calculation of the aggregated result can be done in one click, which can trigger the re-generation of UCITS, PRIIPs and/or MiFID related outputs.


  • Speed up the calculation and focus on exceptions
  • Leverage your data by re-using for production and dissemination

What's included?

  • Automatic data import via Secure File Transfer and manual import via user interface, including formatting and quality controls
  • Calculation of ongoing charges for UCITS, PRIIPs, MiFID ex-ante and MiFID ex-post
  • Validation of calculated results
  • Publication of calculated results to UCITS, PRIIPs and/or MiFID production

Our products can support your compliance efforts with UCITS, PRIIPs, AIFMD and MIFID

Unlocking Efficiency and Transparency: Introducing DataGlide for Ongoing Charges Calculations

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