Ensure compliance and cost efficiency with reporting Annex IV of the AIFMD

AIFMD can be challenging

Creating the Annex IV report and maintaining compliance with AIFMD can be challenging. Highly detailed information must be provided and there is no uniformity between European countries: the reporting rules and formatting tend to differ from one country to the next. Maintaining compliance can be resource heavy and time consuming. Providing data to third parties can be a challenge in itself. And you can’t risk getting this wrong or it will have a direct impact on your ability to sell your funds.

Kneip has provided best-in-class AIFMD reporting since 2014

We can automate the reporting and production of the AIF reports across all EU member states and in markets which have adopted the AIFMD regime. We provide an end-to-end workflow for managing your AIFMD reporting, from the data you import, through the calculations, the production and the filing of your reports. Onboarding your data is easy and you can monitor the completion of every step of the production of Annex IV reports.

What are the main benefits?

Produce accurate AIF reports on time, every time

Produce accurate AIF reports on time, every time, for each country where the AIFs reports have to be filed

Trust the expertise of a leader in AIFMD reporting

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with timely update reports to ensure compliance in any jurisdiction

Reduce complexities and drive cost efficiencies

Automate import, calculation, data monitoring and report validation checks with our end-to-end solution

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AIFMD compliance beyond Annex IV

The following products support your AIFMD compliance efforts:

AIFM Annex IV. Automate Annex IV reporting.
Fund Registration & Filing. To home and host regulators.
Transaction Costs. Calculate transaction costs.
Ongoing Charges. Calculate ongoing charges.
Document Dissemination. Disseminate your EMTs.
Data Publication. Publish your MiFID data.
Legal Announcements. To media outlets.

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