Publish fund documents and data to all your destinations

To sell your funds, you have to publish data and documents to potential investors and regulators in every one of your target markets. The complexity of that process can quickly become a frustrating distraction for your teams and ultimately comes at a cost in resources and missed opportunities.

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Produce your fund documents

We can produce and publish your fund documentation under UCITS, PRIIPS, MIFID and AIFMD.

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Use our expertise to expand your distribution footprint

At Kneip we think of destinations as entry points for advertising funds to potential investors. These can be data vendors, third party distributors, newspapers or media. Depending on your strategy and fund type, some destination may be more suited than other.

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Tailored onboarding experience

We can make your data available whatever the format. Our team will work with you to understand your data and identify the best way to integrate it to our systems

Committed to excellence

We have a robust Service Level schedule to cover the full range of our services and deliverables. This ITIL v3 based framework focuses on our ability to deliver on time exceptional quality output, underpinned by KPIs that measure your interaction with our teams across the business

Simple SLAs for all services

Permission-based user roles

One global contract

Tailored onboarding plan

Hand over the burden

Simple from the start

We don't impose standards: send us data in your preferred format.


We can produce your fund documentation and publish your data to media vendors and regulators globally.

Noise cancelling

We make sure our outputs are accurate, so you won't have to hear about inaccurate data again.

Insightful all around

Expect data quality reports, fund distribution tips, and regulatory heads up.
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