Kneip offers a complete ESG solution, which includes the creation, maintenance and dissemination of the European ESG Template

About the EET

On 13 January 2022, FinDatEx announced its plan to release the European ESG Template (EET) v1.0 in time for product manufacturers to provide completed templates by 1 June 2022, so to ensure distributors and insurance companies can receive the necessary data expected to be used as from August 2nd 2022 under Mifid II and IDD.

A new challenge

As ESG data and information is being published by data vendors and data intermediaries, it needs to be made available to investors prior to investment decision, and on a periodic basis. The objective of the new EET is to facilitate the exchange of ESG data between market participants as required in order to comply with European financial market regulation.

Core to your ESG strategy

Characterising funds from an ESG perspective is becoming more important than ever to contribute to growth in the distribution of funds, and the new EET will play a critical role in ensuring ESG data transparency.

A complete ESG solution

Kneip offers a complete ESG solution, which includes the creation, maintenance and dissemination of EETs

Trust Kneip with the EET

Stay compliant

Ensure regulatory compliance and market best practice on ESG

Trust ESG experts

Expertise and active engagement in associations and industry working groups on ESG / EET

Reduce complexity

Facilitate data imports via flexible file formats on full and partial data sets

Gain reach

Extensive network and relationship with data vendors and distributors to make your EET available where it needs to be to support fund distribution

End-to-end EET solution

With Kneip you can easily create, maintain and disseminate EETs for your funds. In addition, Kneip is offering an EET collection service to enable look through to target funds, and the EET production can be seen as complementary to our EMT offering.

EET data collection

We have been reducing regulatory complexity and simplifying the distribution value chain for more than 20 years, and we have built a network of more than 500 asset managers who provide us with data and documents. This means Kneip clients benefit from our expertise in producing fund disclosure documents and have the opportunity to publish to more than 4,500 destinations.

EET v1.0 now available

With our latest product release, the latest version of the EET becomes available on our systems!

Introducing the EET with EFAMA and PwC

Watch Andreas Stepnitzka (EFAMA), Nathalie Dogniez (PwC), and Ulf Herbig (Kneip), in this webinar to find out everything you need to know about the production and dissemination of the EET

EET Collection

This webinar provides practical guidance to prepare for this new task for fund distributors and insurers

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