We provide a full solution for producing and maintaining UCITS KIIDs, which can be scaled to generate large volumes of documents in peak production periods. The whole cycle is covered, from data collection, calculation, SRRI monitoring, document production and filing at the regulator. Using an auditable, trackable workflow, your KIIDs can be produced in advance or on an ad-hoc basis. You can monitor their production, review their status, and receive alerts about exceptions in the data or notifications about data you still need to gather, review or translate.


  • Ensure compliance with the UCITS directive
  • Stay ahead of regulatory changes with timely updates of reports using an auditable, trackable workflow
  • Cope with peak production periods with a scalable solution
  • Maximise efficiency with end-to-end production, filing and dissemination on the Kneip platform

What's included?

  • Production of the UCITS KIIDs in multiple languages
  • Monitoring on content and its frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Workload management, with task management, notifications and dashboards
  • Advanced workflow, to facilitate the collaboration between teams involved in the production and validation of documents
  • Document version management, to handle multiple versions and drafts simultaneously
  • Translation management to handle bulk translation of KIIDs in several languages and minimise translation costs

Our products can support your compliance efforts with the UCITS directive

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