Fund factsheets are one of the first documents investors read about your funds. As an asset manager, you typically produce them on a monthly basis in your own template which can be challenging especially as your business grows: collecting the right data from different sources, sourcing benchmark data, managing content & translations, keeping to the timelines etc.

Our solution

Kneip provides a complete solution to produce and disseminate Factsheets to your distribution network. Collecting your data is simple, as we don’t impose any standard. You can configure your template and define the production workflow that suits your schedule. Your Factsheets can be produced in advance or on an ad-hoc basis. You can monitor their production, review their statuses and be notified in case of any needed validation.


  • Simplify your process. One tool for management, production and dissemination to your network
  • Stay in control. Monitor production and review statuses
  • Gain flexibility. Decide on your production rhythm (monthly, quarterly)
  • Increase scalability. And cope with peak production periods
  • Maximise efficiency. Enrich factsheet with market data and leverage synergies across investor disclosure outputs and data re-use

What's included?

  • Configuration of Factsheet templates
  • Production of the Factsheets in multiple languages
  • Workload management, with task management, notifications and dashboards
  • Advanced workflow, to facilitate the collaboration between teams
  • Document version management, to handle multiple versions and drafts simultaneously
  • Translation management to handle bulk translations

Our products can support your compliance efforts with UCITS, PRIIPs, AIFMD and MIFID

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