27 March 2024

Facilitating Global Fund Data Management and Distribution

Over the past thirty years European regulators have striven to make it as simple as possible for UCITS and, more recently AIFs, to be passported and distributed across borders which has been one of the key drivers behind the fund industry’s remarkable expansion over the past thirty years.  However, this means that Asset managers must also spread their marketing footprint across more markets resulting in a corresponding increase in the number of destinations to which data and documents must be disseminated.  It is in this regard that Kneip can be of vital assistance due to the large number of financial service providers with whom we have a relationship with and the rapidity with which new partners can be added to our solution.

For the moment Kneip has links with over 100 financial service providers and 120 print media but we are constantly looking to add new destinations and in 2023 added 14 new venues to our list as well as expanding the range of data and documents available to existing partners.  The process of adding new partners can arise in one of three ways.

  • The Product Partnership Team is constantly searching for new partners in both existing and new markets via reviews of market literature, discussions with fund associations and clients as well as attendance at market events.
  • If a client desires to send data and/or documents to a destination which is not on Kneip’s list of partners, then they can send the contact details of the company to the Product Partnership Team who will contact and add the Vendor
  • A Financial Service Provider or Distribution Platform reaches out after having been informed by an Asset Manager that their data is available through Kneip

Once contact is established, the Partnership Team will liaise with the potential partner to explain who Kneip is, what we do and how we can work together.  After an agreement is reached an onboarding process is initiated which consists of:

  • Mapping the destination’s data fields to the Kneip data dictionary
  • Data normalization to partner standards
  • Configuring of data templates
  • Selection of formats for documents
  • Selection of frequency of transmission
  • Transmission method
  • How instructions (mergers, liquidations, etc…) should be conveyed
  • Establishment of escalation procedures

Only when all these tasks are completed, and the processes are rigorously tested will Kneip declare the destination as live and inform clients as to its availability. This same procedure is applied to new data sets and/or document types being disseminated to existing partners to ensure the maintenance of the same high level of service that clients expect from Kneip.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to add missing vendors, please do not hesitate to contact the Product Partnership Manager at [email protected]

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