SFDR: where are we today?

Version 3.1 of the EMT went live on 10 March 2021. It is the first of new regulations that will impact all funds directly or indirectly, regardless of the types of funds managers provide, including new data standards and new ESG specific disclosures.

A practical guide to implementing SFDR for fund distribution

How will you implement ESG investor disclosure? How much do you know about ESG factsheets and the upcoming EMT 3.1? Do you know why ESG data transparency is about to become critical?

Download the 2021 ESG checklist for SFDR compliance

A free tool to help you prepare for the SFDR

Are your EMTs still compliant?

Our experts are on hand to test your EMTs and confirm that they are compliant (it’s free, takes 24h and you receive a report)

We are building the future of SFDR compliance

Our teams are already building solutions to support your compliance efforts ahead of SFDR level II disclosures.

Produce, manage and disseminate EMT 3.1

EMT 3.1 has arrived! Create and maintain MiFID II-compliant target market and cost data definitions.

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