Next Gate Tech and Kneip combined solutions

Kneip and Next Gate Tech provide a range of complementary solutions to asset managers & service providers offering reduced risk, lower cost, better operational efficiency and reassured compliance.

About Next Gate Tech

At Next Gate Tech, we create technologies that reshape the landscape of fund industry operations. Our transformative solutions optimize processes, enhance efficiency, reduce risks and drive cost savings for our clients. Driven by our commitment to innovation, our intelligence layer extracts invaluable insights, employs advanced pattern analysis, and uncovers hidden links within the data. Our SaaS platform seamlessly ingests diverse datasets, creating an harmonized and enriched source of portfolio data. This robust foundation fuels the platform to generate powerful signals through intelligent analytics, empowering use cases like NAV Oversight, Risk Oversight, Portfolio Manager Oversight, and ESG Analysis.

"Together, Kneip and Next Gate Tech look forward to supporting their clients and the wider market with combined propositions that will bring additional data efficiencies and enable the creation of strategic service relationships for the long term."

Enrique Sacau, CEO at Kneip, said: “We are excited to be partnering with Next Gate Tech, one of the most innovative Fintech players in the fund industry today. By joining forces with Next Gate Tech, we will solve more challenges for our combined clients and in turn deliver more value to the industry.”

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