Accurate KIIDs on time, every time

We provide a full solution for producing and maintaining UCITS KIIDs, which can be scaled to generate large volumes of documents in peak production periods. The whole cycle is covered, from data collection, calculation, SRRI monitoring, document production and filing at the regulator. Using an auditable, trackable workflow, your KIIDs can be produced in advance or on an ad-hoc basis. You can monitor their production, review their status, and receive alerts about exceptions in the data or notifications about data you still need to gather, review or translate.


We can help you simplify and accelerate PRIIPs compliance. Risk, performance scenarios and costs are calculated automatically as soon as we receive your data. You have the flexibility to produce PRIIPs EPTs, CEPTs and KIDs in source language and any other languages. For your insurance products, you get instant access to target market and PRIIPs definitions in standard EPT and EMT formats. And you can trust that our experts continue to ensure that you remain compliant with the latest regulatory trends.

End-to-end AIFMD reporting

We produce 3,500 Annex IV every year. We can automate the reporting and production of the AIF reports across all EU member states and in markets which have adopted the AIFMD regime. We provide an end-to-end workflow for managing your AIFMD reporting, from the data you import, through the calculations, the production and the filing of your reports.

MIFID II compliance (inc. EMT 3.0)

We can produce and manage both versions of your EMTs until 3.0 becomes the only valid version on 10 December 2020. As we support definitions of target market for ‘active’, ‘inactive’ and ‘not launched’ share classes, you can see a full audit trail on who changed what and when. We can also provide a quality control process and the ability to upload full or partial target market updates.

Not forgetting fund distributors

Under MiFID II, you must disclose all relevant fees including transactional and ongoing charges for the investment options selected by investors on an ex-ante and ex-post basis. And you also need to provide information to the manufacturer regarding adequacy of target market and distribution strategy. We’re making this easier for you, as you can tap into our library of 70,000 EMTs and 60,000 EPTs to simplify the collection of third party data.

From EMT 1 to EMT 3

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