Data publication

Kneip commits to providing a level of consistency above 96% across destinations, the highest in the market. We go beyond instructing fund publications by ensuring that discrepancies between the data disseminated and the data published by vendors get resolved. A dashboard provides real-time monitoring of the data readiness for the publication according to the requirements of a specific vendor destination, so you avoid delays because of missing information and ensure the fastest time to market.


  • Publish accurate information with post-publication controls and follow-ups by Kneip with the media
  • Set individual scopes for any destination via one single publication matrix
  • Gain a clear view of your data readiness for the publication according to the destination requirements
  • Publish data to any print and/or electronic media channels in one click

Document dissemination

Control the dissemination of documents to data vendors and intermediaries according to several criteria. At any time, you can see what has been sent when, and if your submission has been transferred properly to the recipient. Kneip also provides a unique document management system to store all your fund documents, with full transparency over document versions and dissemination status.


  • Ensure accurate and up-to-date data and document dissemination
  • Reduce administrative burden and the maintenance of your distribution network
  • Reduce costs with process automation
  • Align scope of dissemination on one platform for all your fund documents and industry standards

Legal announcements

A one stop shop for the editing, type-setting and publication of legal announcements, including notifications for upcoming scheduled AGMs and review/sign-off processes to reflect corporate approval structures. We provide translations and ensure compliance with your brand and corporate identity guidelines, and liaise with media to book space or follow up that your legal announcements get published.


  • Reduce media spend as you benefit from preferential rates across all media
  • Leverage an integrated workflow from production through to review, publishing and monitoring
  • Reduce corporate governance risk with reminders and tracking of publication dates
  • Gain a clear view of the audit trail to ensure delivery of the data and documents
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