KNEIP Data & Document Publication allows you to manage the publication of data points and documents from one secure dashboard

  • Stay in control with interactive view of current publication for all products.
  • Maintain highest level of data accuracy in the market with active and regular controls and follow up by KNEIP
  • Increase operational efficiency with self-supporting management of destinations and scope with automated dissemination and monitoring
  • Reduce time to market.

KNEIP Corporate Actions allows you to simplify the generation, booking and publication of legal announcements in media outlets.

  • Benefit from preferential rates across all media
  • Reduce administrative burden with an integrated workflow from publication production through to review, publishing and monitoring
  • Reduce corporate governance risk with tracking of publication dates for mandatory announcements and reminder notifications.
  • Perform oversight. Audit trail to ensure delivery of the data and documents

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All your fund data lives on one platform, where KNEIP’s publication controls ensure it stays accurate.