Kneip commits to providing a level of consistency above 99% for the data published across destinations, the highest in the market (and we can check the accuracy of your data here). We go beyond instructing fund data publication and sending data. We detect discrepancies between the data disseminated by Kneip and the data published by vendors and we follow up with the media until it gets resolved. You can instruct the publication in any print or electronic media channels in only three clicks. You can even set individual scopes of ISINs for any data set or any destination via a single publication matrix. A dashboard provides real-time monitoring of the data readiness for the publication according to the data requirements of a specific vendor destination, so you avoid delays because of missing information and ensure the fastest time to market.


  • Publish accurate information according to your distribution strategy with post-publication controls and follow-ups by Kneip on discrepancies detected with the media
  • Set individual scopes for any destination via one single publication matrix
  • Gain a quick and clear view of your data readiness for the publication according to the destination requirements
  • Reach your entire distribution network with our coverage of static and dynamic data (incl. NAVs, Dividends and Tax information)
  • Publish data to any print and/or electronic media channels in one click

What's included?

  • Create a single, central repository for product master data and documents as source for all your destinations, to provide consistent data at the point of use
  • Static and dynamic data publication to enable you to reach as many intermediaries with the necessary data
  • Full control and transparency over your data covering static data, dynamic data
  • Instruct through a single click and see the status of the activation for the publication channel
  • Trust Kneip to follow up on discrepancies detected with the media

100% data consistency

Grow your market footprint and publish consistent fund data to all the right destinations

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