23 October 2023

Meet our Team: Polina Sakalian

As part of our series Meet our Team, we have the pleasure to interview Polina Sakalian who joined Kneip as Sales Director and focusing on strategic accounts.


Could you tell us more about your background?

I went to school to Liberal Art School in the north of Chicago, after that, I worked a little bit in retail in the US and then I pursued my master’s degree at the London School of Economics. I ended up working for a tech startup that built a payment system in 2008. I came to Luxembourg 10 years ago

What is the most fun part of your job?

It’s getting the deal. You got the adrenaline of making sure things happen. It can be quite stressful, it’s not for everyone.

What do you think about the work/life balance at Kneip?

Kneip is still very entrepreneurial, so don’t expect to be doing one thing. Be open-minded to be on the floor, be proactive, be creative and be open to learn.

To learn more about Polina’s journey, watch the full interview here:

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