26 June 2024

The process of disseminating fund data to enhance and maximize your distribution footprint – Part 2

In our previous instalment, we delved into the process of ingesting files into Kneip’s in-house solution, Dataglide. Today, we shift our focus to the subsequent steps in the publication process: selecting your destinations, understanding your distribution footprint, and exploring how Kneip can facilitate growth. Let’s dive right in!

Before joining Kneip, many of our clients managed the publication and distribution of their fund data and documents internally. This often involved handling numerous contacts across the globe while adhering to each destination’s unique requirements in terms of data, file formats, and frequency. Kneip’s Data Publication service effectively addresses this operational challenge by assuming responsibility for all distribution points within your footprint.

As part of our comprehensive onboarding process, each client gains access to Kneip’s extensive list of 218 destinations. From this list, clients can select where they would like their data to be sent. Our dedicated Vendor Partnership Team works diligently to continually expand this list by adding new destinations. They maintain constant communication with all partners to ensure that Kneip remains up to date with the latest data and formatting requirements from each destination. If there is a specific destination missing from our current list, our Vendor Partnership Team would be delighted to engage in discussions and explore how Kneip can assist them.

Once clients have chosen their desired destinations for data dissemination, and all incoming data files are mapped into Dataglide, Kneip conducts a thorough gap analysis for each vendor. This analysis helps identify any missing data points in comparison to the vendors’ requirements. If any gaps are found, Kneip provides guidance on which data points need to be added to the incoming file(s) and specifies the appropriate format.

Kneip’s extensive list also includes the countries in which each destination provides services. If you’re considering expanding your distribution footprint into new geographical territories, Kneip can offer guidance on the data requirements. This ensures that when a destination is activated, the transmission process remains seamless.

A typical client question raised at this stage is, “Can you disseminate to a destination not on this list?” The answer is of course, Yes. Kneip also offer destination lists. These are distribution lists which are used to send certain data sets to internal and/or external stakeholders. However, via this method, the destination would receive the data in Kneip’s standard template and not in their own format requirements.

In summary, you’ve now selected your destinations, and all your fund data is centralized in Dataglide, meeting the specific needs of each destination. With this groundwork in place, we’re ready to begin disseminating!

Join us in the third instalment of this blog series, where we’ll explore the next step in the Data Publication process: dissemination! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Kneip can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].




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