9 January 2024

Meet our Team: Myrtha Monateri

As part of our series Meet our Team, we have the pleasure to interview Myrtha Monateri who joined Kneip at its beginnings and tell us more about her new role: Sustainability and Knowledge manager. 


Could you tell us more about your background?

It’s been 21 years I am working at Kneip. I started when the company was still small. I had several roles in the company and recently changed for a new role, Sustainability and Knowledge manager.

Could you tell us more about your journey at Kneip? 

I started as a copywriter for the legal announcement department. Growing up with the company I had more opportunities to be in charge of the controls of different products, until becoming head of production. After this experience, I became program manager for the shift of data publication product from legacy to Dataglide. Then, I became head of Service Delivery Manager (SDM).

What advice would you give to new joiners at Kneip? 

New joiners need to be prepared to a very young environment that offers a lot of opportunities. There is a very nice and friendly atmosphere! I would recommend being open, dynamic and inclusive.

To learn more about Myrtha’s journey, watch the full interview here:

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