11 December 2018

Dissemination – The Underestimated Complexity

Asset Managers are confronted with ever increasing requirements to disseminate large amounts of data and documents in order to support the distribution of funds in their related distribution countries and to satisfy their regulatory reporting duties or the ones of their distributors.

Numerous outputs have to be produced and sent to data vendors and intermediaries. As a result, a lot of time and effort is spent ensuring that these documents (marketing documents, regulatory reports and investor disclosure documents) as well as industry data standards, are accurate, consistent and up to date, in line with the requirements.

The most compliant output is worthless if not disseminated properly

Inconsistencies in the data can occur if Asset Managers are unable to ensure that updated outputs are taking into consideration by the entire distribution/dissemination network. These inconsistencies can quickly lead to an inconsistent perception of the fund on the market, as the information may be considered as misleading or incompliant. For example, if the name of a fund has changed, every single output shared with the network will be impacted. But if some of the destinations are not addressed as recipients or do not update their systems and/or the way the fund is presented, they will continue to show the old name of the fund.

The same applies for the constantly changing universe of funds, sub-funds and share classes that Asset Managers have in scope. How can they ensure that the right scope is sent to the right destinations over time? How can they ensure that new launches are consistently added to the dissemination process, to inform the distribution network and all the vendors and platforms used to market the fund?

KNEIP helps Asset Managers keep control of their dissemination network – for any type of output to any type of destination. PDF documents (UCITS KIID; PRIIPs KID, prospectus, factsheet, Annual & Semi-annual report), or data files (EPT, EMT, CEPT), can all be sent to their own non-media distribution networks and websites, as well as to the various media and vendor destinations. The additional complexity of dissemination, which is typically introduced by different transmission methods, data formats and conversions, is entirely handled by the platform, without additional action being required by the user. The dissemination log keeps track of what has been sent to whom and when, so Asset Managers can trust that the right information has been updated in all the right places. With KNEIP, dissemination becomes certainty as a service.

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