Kneip subject to cyber attack

Precautionary measures were swiftly taken to contain the issue and to resume business as usual.

We have joined TISA’s Universal Reporting Network

TISA’s Universal Reporting Network (TURN) is predicted to cut data and analytics costs for asset managers by between 80-90% per annum from year one.

Hand over the burden

Simple from the start

We don’t impose standards: send us data in your preferred format.


We can produce your fund documentation and publish your data to media vendors and regulators globally.

Noise cancelling

We make sure our outputs are accurate, so you won’t have to hear about inaccurate data again.

Insightful all around

Expect data quality reports, fund distribution tips, and regulatory heads up.
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What our clients say

“In less than five minutes, we were set up for the product and had calculated, validated and published a DCPT for one of our funds. To be able to do this so quickly is nothing short of spectacular!”
Philip Howell , Rathbones

Imagine life without the noise of inaccurate fund data

No frantic calls to media vendors
No reports back from regulators
More exposure to potential investors

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