Regulatory expertise

We impact the regulatory landscape due to our active industry involvement. With regular webinar sessions, working groups and newsletters, we keep our clients informed of regulatory updates to ensure they stay compliant.

End-to-end solution

We are an end-to-end provider across data publication and multiple regulatory reporting products. All our in-house platforms interlink to create one production system. We can offer a truly full managed service with limited manual inputs from the client.

Calculations in-house

All calculations are performed in-house with Kneip’s own software operated by our subject matter experts. Clients can benefit from receiving extra guidance on all calculation topics thanks to Kneip’s in-house expertise.

Consistency and quality

We are a market leader in data consistency and quality. Our clients have data accuracy of over 96% with a target of 100% thanks to our recently launched technology.

Product innovation

Our experts ensure that our clients remain compliant with the latest regulatory changes and market best practices, through an active regulatory watch and our engagement in various associations and industry groups. Kneip was the first provider with a live solution for EPT 2.0, EMT 4.0, and EET 1.0.

A scale operator

Kneip has been trusted by asset managers since 1993, and today we manage the data publication and investor disclosure for more than 10,000 funds in over 40 countries. More than 30% of the ISINs in the EU are serviced by Kneip. Our integrated approach creates efficiencies by leveraging client fund data across the spectrum of regulatory reporting requirements under MIFID, PRIIPS, UCITS, AIFMD, SFDR and Solvency II reporting.

This approach ensures our clients do not have to go to the expense of creating internal capabilities themselves, or manage multiple niche providers with multiple contracts, commercial terms and file exchange formats.

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