Reduce complexity
We remove it entirely from the process

✓ Simplified data
✓ Transparency
✓ Expertise

All you need to do is validate

Lower cost
Scale on the back of proprietary technology

✓ Our IP
✓ No dependencies
✓ Robust & scalable

Ensure ongoing compliance
Regulatory information built with you in mind

✓ Regulatory event tracking
✓ Expert source verifications
✓ Critical-path updates
✓ Notifications and areas of opportunity

Future proof
We’re a long-term partner

✓ End-to-end data management
✓ Reusability of data
✓ Market monitoring

A scale operator

✓ Regulated
✓ Technology driven
✓ European leadership
✓ Increasing market coverage
✓ Trusted relationships with manufacturers, data vendors and distributors

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