1. Get set up


We’ll send you an invitation to register for the portal. Check your inbox for an email from [email protected].

Click the Redeem Invitation link in the email.

On the sign up page that opens, click Register.


Enter a username and a secure password. Click Register.

Your profile is created. You can continue to fill-in the profile form and make some contact preference selections.

Now you’re ready to start using the portal!



2. Open your first case


Go to https://kneip.microsoftcrmportals.com and log in. Press CTRL+D to add it to your browser’s bookmarks.

Click Create a new case on the dashboard.

Here it’s important to provide as much detail as possible so we can assign the case to the person with the right skills to examine it.

Follow the guidelines and suggestions provided for each field.



Enter clear and accurate titles and descriptions for your case. The more information the better. There’s lots of room for detail.

Take your time to avoid missing information that could help lead to a faster resolution by our Support Team.

You can also attach a screenshot, video, document, or any other type of file.

Click Submit when finished. Your case will appear in the Case List in Opened status.


3. Manage your cases


Click Manage your cases on the dashboard to view and track all the cases you and your company submit on the Dashboard.



Set a view to start managing your cases. By default it’s Active Cases, which are all cases that are not Closed or Cancelled. Cases waiting for details need additional information from you, us, or vendors to continue processing.



There’s a column for each of the main case fields so you can get a feel for a case at a glance.

The one you’ll probably be most interested in is the Case Status.

The possible statuses are:


The case is awaiting assignment to a specialist skilled in the matter.


A specialist is working on answering your question, fulfilling your request, or diagnosing your issue.

Waiting for Details

We need information from you, someone at Kneip, or a thirds party to move the case.

Waiting for approval

We’ve answered the question, fixed the issue or fulfilled the request and now need you to approve the result.

Problem Solved/Information Provided

Your case is resolved and closed.


You no longer wanted us to work on the case or a duplicate was found.


Searching for a case

You can search for a specific case in the current view by entering its case number, title, or a keyword in the Search field. You can use an asterisks as a wildcard to search on partial text.



Downloading a case list


Click Download case list to get what you see in the present view in an XLSX spreadsheet to share and analyze offline.



Viewing and updating a specific case


Click on a case number to view its details.

Here you can see the case details and description, as well as communications regarding it.

You can Close the case if you’re happy with the answer or resolution offered, or Cancel it if you no longer want to pursue it.

You can take part in the case discussion by adding a comment or additional files.

You’ll get an email notification each time the case updates.





Now you know your Client Portal inside and out.  Try it for a few days, then click the Feedback button to let us know what you think.

Still have questions? Our Support Team is ready with answers at +352 227 900 or [email protected].

They’re available 9:00 to 18:00 CET Monday to Friday. That’s the Luxembourg and Frankfurt time zone, 1 hour ahead of London.


Press enter or esc to cancel