2 May 2024

Product release notes: EMT v4.2 has arrived and Kneip is ready!

Product release notes: EMT v4.2 has arrived and Kneip is ready!

In our latest product release, we are making the upcoming version of the European MIFID Template available to our EMT clients. On 22 April 2024, FinDatEx published the version 4.2 of the European MiFID Template (EMT). This template integrates the previous one (EMT V4.1) with a supplementary UK-specific section linked to detailed on-going costs.

An easy solution to manage and disseminate EMTs, no matter what version.

With this latest product upgrade, you can now produce, manage, and disseminate EMTs in version 4.2 with Kneip, alongside with versions 4.0, and 4.1. We provide a full solution for producing, managing, and disseminating EMTs in whichever version and format required by data vendors, distributors, or any other destinations.

What are the changes in EMT 4.2?

This new version integrates 7 new fields required for UK firms (product manufacturers or distributors). This focuses providing enhanced disclosures related to costs, charges, and SDR Client Facing Disclosures for the UK market.

  • Data fields 105 – 110 (10000 – 10050): Granular breakdown of the ex-ante and ex-post on-going costs investing in open-ended, closed-ended or cost of holding real assets.
  • Data field 111 (10060): Yes/No field on if the fund produces client facing disclosures for the UK SDR Regulation.

Does EMT 4.2 replace EMT 4.1?

Yes. From 30 June 2024, EMT V4.2 will be mandatory within the UK market and V4.1 will be retired. EMT V4.0 and V4.2 will then be used in parallel going forward.

Are vendors ready for it?

With Kneip, EMT v4.2. is now available for any vendor that is ready to receive it. Our Partnership Management team are working closely with all our media partners to understand their readiness with the different versions of the EMT.

How can Kneip help?

We provide a single solution for creating, maintaining, and disseminating MiFID II-compliant target market and cost data definitions for your products – covering EMT V4.0, V4.1, and V4.2.

If you are interested in learning more about our EMT service, please visit our dedicated website page or contact us today.


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