4 November 2019

Product release notes - 04.11.2019

In our latest product release, we’ve brought new features to our Data Management and Data Publication products on the Digital Platform. It’s now easier than ever to upload and monitor data on the platform, and to publish fund data to the market as well as to keep oversight that the data send to the media destinations got actually published as it was sent.

Data Management. We’ve made it simpler for our clients to send us their data, before Kneip takes care of making it available onto the platform. There are now more ways to send data to us, via email and from multiple sources of the same transmission method (i.e. multiple FTPs). We’re also bringing more flexibility in terms of what our clients can send us, and we now accept new file formats (xls), multiple header mapping and we can also manage major and minor currencies (ie Euro/Cent). Finally, we’ve enhanced the data import screen monitoring, so you can always login and keep track of what data is uploaded, with which status, at what time and from which source.

Data Publication. For the first time our clients can create bulk instructions with a simple list file upload. So no matter how many ISINs shall be published and no matter to how many of the available media destinations – it requires a single upload only. Cancelling existing publications in media is also possible, so clients` funds are no longer getting published where there is no relevance anymore.
Kneip’s Post Publishing Control ensures that there are no discrepancies between our clients’ data and what gets published by the media. On the platform, clients can now see an overview of all discrepancies detected, since when they exist and that KNEIP follows up with the media to get the discrepancy resolved. On top of that, we’re also continuously expanding the media destinations as well as data sets that can be published at a given destination.


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