27 February 2024

Unlocking Efficiency and Transparency: Introducing DataGlide for Ongoing Charges Calculations

As the financial landscape evolves, so do the demands placed on asset managers, fund administrators, and investment firms. One critical aspect that has garnered significant attention is the calculation of ongoing charges – a crucial metric for investors and regulators alike. DataGlide, Kneip’s cutting-edge solution is designed to revolutionize and simplify your ongoing charges calculations. Let’s dive into the 10 key features that make DataGlide a game-changer:

  1. Flexible data ingestion from multiple sources

Data comes from diverse channels: fund administrators, clients, and third-party providers. Our solution seamlessly ingests data from these sources, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Whether it’s NAV data, trial balance, holdings or other relevant information, DataGlide handles it all.

  1. Automated controls for data quality

Say goodbye to manual data checks! DataGlide incorporates automated controls to validate incoming data. From detecting outliers to ensuring completeness, our system ensures that you work with reliable information. No more sleepless nights wondering if your data is accurate.

  1. On-boarding support and data analysis

Navigating the on-boarding phase can be daunting. Kneip provides expert support during this critical period. Our team assists you in understanding the data, identifying patterns, and optimizing the setup. We’re with you every step of the way.

  1. Flexible mapping to accounting systems

DataGlide adapts to your existing accounting system or chart of accounts. Whether you’re dealing with multiple clients or administrators, our solution offers flexible mapping options. No more rigid structures—just seamless integration.

  1. Calculation capabilities across regulatory contexts

DataGlide isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It caters to various regulatory contexts, including UCITS, PRIIPs, Mifid Ex-Ante, Mifid Ex-Post. Customize calculation variables based on frequency, cost allocation, and reference periods. Precision matters, and DataGlide delivers.

  1. Ad-hoc calculations for special scenarios

Need to calculate ongoing charges for a merger or liquidation? DataGlide has you covered. Our ad-hoc calculation capabilities allow you to select custom dates and scenarios. No more manual workarounds—just accurate results.

  1. Look-through for target fund investments

Interlinked with our Data Collection Services of EPTs and EMTs, DataGlide provides the relevant underlying on-going costs.  It doesn’t stop at providing the necessary transparency. It offers a flexible waterfall approach to select the preferred source of data.

  1. Seamless integration with production services

DataGlide doesn’t stop at calculations. It automatically pushes ongoing charges results to UCITS, PRIIPs, and Mifid II production services. Efficiency meets compliance.

  1. Full transparency and reconciliation

Transparency builds trust. DataGlide offers a clear view of calculations, allowing you to reconcile and verify results. No more black boxes – just transparency you can rely on.

  1. User-friendly interface and efficient review process

DataGlide’s user interface provides insightful information. Dashboards simplify the review process, making it efficient and accessible. Even non-advised users can navigate with ease.

Unlock the power of DataGlide

Ready to experience the future of ongoing charges calculations? Request a demo today and witness how DataGlide transforms complexity into clarity. Your journey toward efficiency starts here!

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