30 August 2021

Now is the time to get ready for PRIIPs

As we go into September, a lot of uncertainty still surrounds PRIIPs. When will the end of the grandfathering period actually happen? What will be its impact? How will the industry manage two versions of the PRIIPs KID (UK and EU) when their deadlines are not aligned?

What’s clear is that PRIIPs will be a journey, and Kneip can make sure you get (and stay) 100% ready, by giving you access to top quality regulatory expertise and an end-to-end solution for accelerating PRIIPs compliance.

Watch the video below ↓↓↓ or visit kneip.com/priips for more information.
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Kneip can help you simplify and accelerate PRIIPs compliance. European leader in investor disclosure reporting, Kneip produces more than 200,000 UCITS KIID, PRIIPS EPT/KID per annum.

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