23 February 2023

“This is a game changer.”

As Next Gate Tech and Kneip recently announced a new strategic partnership, CEOs Davide Martucci (Next Gate Tech) and Enrique Sacau (Kneip) discuss the companies’ strategies to enrich their clients’ journeys.


At the end of 2022, Next Gate Tech and Kneip announced a new strategic partnership to bring together both companies’ expertise in fund data management. Kneip helps their clients meet regulatory reporting and investor disclosure obligations, whilst providing consistent and accurate fund data and documents to regulators, distributors and data vendors. On the other hand, Next Gate Tech provides a cloud-based technology focusing on two main pillars. The first one, data management, gives their clients all their data from multiple unharmonized sources, as one consistent, consolidated, and independent source enabling them to streamline their day-to-day processes. The second one leverages the harmonized data set to create meaningful insights and analytics.

For Davide Martucci, CEO and Co-founder of Next Gate Tech, the partnership was an obvious choice: “Kneip offers a leading regulatory reporting and fund data reporting proposition, built around fund static and referential data and unstructured data. Combining our portfolio data management and analytics capabilities with Kneip’s services is a game changer. We are creating a unique proposition on the market at a time where companies need to digitalize, create more robust workflows, ensure cost reduction and improve quality.”

Combining both offerings ensures that the production of high-quality data starts earlier in the process, as it allows our clients to have access to a consolidated and harmonized Accounting Book of Record across all their Investment Managers, fund ranges and domiciles including Next Gate Tech NAV oversight analytics, Investment compliance controls and risk management analytics,” Enrique Sacau, CEO of Kneip, explains. “Then Kneip leverages the harmonized portfolio data and the analytics for data dissemination and regulatory reporting creation.”



The combined solution provides a clear and automated workflow for different purposes.
An obvious one is the factsheet creation where the end client involvement in the process is dramatically lowered since the vast majority of the required information such as performance, costs, allocations,…can now be calculated automatically. There are many other examples where the combined solution enriches the client experience, such as AIFMD reporting, or in the data management processes required for transaction cost calculations and portfolio dissemination.

Together, Kneip and Next Gate Tech look forward to supporting their clients and the wider market with combined propositions that will bring additional data efficiencies and enable the creation of strategic service relationships for the long term. “Ultimately, our clients get more out of their data as they leverage one single source with consistent outcomes from data dissemination, through calculations and production to distribution.”

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