18 September 2023

Meet our Team: Alexis Albouze

As part of our series Meet the Members, we have the pleasure to interview Alexis Albouze, Sales director for Data Solutions at Kneip, leading the commercial aspect of data collections services.  


What is your professional background?  

I’ve started my studies in France and then in Canada and in Scotland, in the funds background. I got a bachelor’s in international business and a master’s in science in Finance and Investments. Based on this I started to work in London in investment banking a few years. Then it led me to Dubai, where I worked in a hedge fund. Few years later I came back to Luxembourg where I am originally from and worked in the fund trading side in a Japanese bank. Then, I moved into the Fund distribution space, and it led me to my current position at Kneip, helping fund distributors gathering the necessary documents and help them boost and enhance their fund distribution.  

What do you think about the work and life balance at Kneip?  

What is enjoyable at Kneip is the work-life balance as I perceive it as a great fit. Working in sales at Kneip gives you the time and resources to organize yourselves accordingly not only for people who enjoy sports but also for transborder workers, as long as you keep focused on delivery.  

What is the most fun part of your job?  

The most fun part of the job is that there is no routine. Every day is different from one to another. You get to interact with a lot of different people, internally and externally, with different profiles. The idea of travelling to meet clients and attend industry events is also an enjoyable trait of the job.  

Watch the full video interview of Alexis:  

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