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Data plus platform equals value

Data management

Data Management is at the heart of our solution: all your data and documents are in one central hub, fully transparent, mitigating risk, reducing waste and accelerating time to market.

  • Maintain highest level of data accuracy in the market by active and regular controls and follow up by KNEIP
  • Create one single source of truth for your fund data

Data collection service

Simplify the collection of third party fund data and verify data compliance with the definitions as outlined by the European Working Groups.

  • Speed up delivery time of data and documents from manufacturer to investor
  • Gain immediate overview of coverage of selected data vs uploaded scope of requested data.
  • Monitor data quality and ISIN coverage with client dashboard
  • Simplify reporting with automated data compliance reporting
  • Verify data compliance with Target Market and PRIIPs’ definitions

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All your fund data lives on one platform, where KNEIP’s publication controls ensure it stays accurate.