Data Management

One source of truth, multiple outputs. A dashboard provides you with a clear picture of your fund data, highlighting issues, suggesting actions and showing exactly what data is already available for the output you wish to produce. And we do all the work to make your data available on the platform: you can send it in whatever format or method you wish, and we can even take it directly from administrators.


  • Create one single source of truth for your fund data
  • On-board your data once and leverage it across multiple outputs
  • Control your data consistency and focus on adding value to your core business
  • Gain a clear view of your data quality and its readiness for immediate use

Data Collection Service

Simplify third-party PRIIPs and MiFID II data collection. With Kneip you get direct access to a growing library of 70,000 EMTs and 60,000 EPTs. If the data you need to collect is not already available on our platform, we will request it from the fund manager and check it for quality and consistency. We also automatically request a refresh from the owner of that data every 3 months, 6 months and 1 year to make sure it’s always right.


  • Speed up delivery time of data and documents from manufacturer to investor
  • Monitor data quality and ISIN coverage with client dashboard
  • Simplify reporting with automated data compliance reporting
  • Verify data compliance with Target Market and PRIIPs definitions
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