We provide a full solution for producing and
maintaining Factsheet templates and its
production workflow, which can be scaled to
generate large volumes of documents. You can
decide on your own production workflow and
whether you want to produce your Factsheets
on a quarterly or monthly schedule. The
Factsheet production environment is supported
by the same functionalities and the data model
is shared together with our UCITS KIID and
PRIIPS KID environment. Therefore, you can
manage in synergy all your investor disclosure
documents from the same data scope, making
sure your documents will always be consistent.

The whole cycle is covered, from managed
service template management, document
production and dissemination to your
distribution network. Using an auditable,
trackable workflow, your Factsheets can be
produced in advance or on an ad-hoc basis.
You can monitor their production, review their
status, and receive alerts about any exception.


  • Be supported for any Factsheet or Investor disclosure template configuration
  • Decide on your production rhythm, being quarterly or monthly
  • Cope with peak production periods with a scalable solution
  • Maximize efficiency across investor disclosure outputs and data re-use
  • Maximise efficiency with end-to-end production, filing and dissemination

What's included?

  • Configuration of Factsheet templates
  • Production of the Factsheets in multiple languages
  • Workload management, with task management, notifications and dashboards
  • Advanced workflow, to facilitate the collaboration between teams
  • Document version management, to handle multiple versions and drafts simultaneously
  • Translation management to handle bulk translation in

Our products can support your compliance efforts

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