Under the new rules of transparency reporting, AIFmanagers are required to regularly collect and reporton 302 pieces of data. If that wasn’t a lot already,they also need to interpret the regulatory guidelines and analyse multiple scenarios. We have been doing so for over a year now, and through ongoing integration of over 1 000 funds, we’ve learned a thing or two about the challenges and pitfalls of AIFMD.     Want to find out what lessons we have learned? Then let’s have breakfast together:
  If you don’t feel like coming, simply join our live webinar from the events in London.     Before we share a croissant, check out this video and find out how many Tier4 data centres there are in the world; these are an extremely important reliability factor for AIFMD reporting (courtesy of Luxembourg for Finance).
  • By Lee Godfrey

  • November 18,2014

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