22 August 2022

3 reasons to choose the NFN for your European funds

As global investment manager Alger announces the launch of its EU UCITS on the Nasdaq Fund Network (NFN) today, we look at three reasons why asset managers choose to register their European funds on the NFN with Kneip, the exclusive partner of the NFN in Europe.

Reason 1: Enhanced discoverability

Gaining additional distribution capability is a critical part of any asset manager’s growth strategy today. The Nasdaq Fund Network reaches over one million institutional and retail investors daily, making it one of the largest distribution channels in financial services with over 400 distribution channels including Google, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Morningstar, Fidelity, S&P Global, or CNBC.

Reason 2: Greater transparency

On the NFN, asset managers and issuers benefit from greater discoverability on market data platforms and financial web portals. Each fund is registered on the network with a unique (and customisable) symbol to make searching easier for investors on hundreds of vendor & financial platforms.

Reason 3: Amplified reach

You can reach 100+ million institutional and retail investors through NFN’s connectivity. In addition, the NFN uses performance and valuation data to better position products against peers to gain wider market visibility.

🚀 Send data to one of the largest distribution channels

Since 2021, Kneip has been the exclusive partner of Nasdaq to provide the NFN with European investment fund data. Together, we publish EU UCITS, providing enhanced transparency and accessibility of investment products in Europe with standardized 5-character symbol. Find out more about the NFN, or contact our team today to register your funds on the network.


Photo: Alger celebrates the launch of its EU UCITS on the NFN

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