27 April 2021

Why successful factsheet production is only the beginning

Join our free webinar to find out how to solve the most common challenges with Factsheet production and leverage synergies between investor disclosure documents.

Fund factsheets are one of the first documents investors read about your funds. As an asset manager, you typically produce them on a monthly basis in your own template which can be challenging especially as your business grows: collecting the right data from different sources, sourcing benchmark data, managing content & translations, keeping to the timelines etc.

But even if you manage to produce Factsheets today, it does not mean that you’re doing it efficiently. Factsheets are only one of the many investor disclosure documents, and if you tackle each of them with a separate solution you are likely to operate with redundant data flows, duplicating work, increasing the risk of inconsistent data and missed deadlines, and ultimately hurting your bottom line.

In this webinar, we will take you through 5 common challenges with Factsheet production and how to solve them. Then we will go beyond Factsheets to show you how to leverage synergies between investor documents and decrease your total cost of ownership by up to 40%. Last but not least this webinar will take stock on the integration with an automatic dissemination solution, so your Factsheets and other investor disclosure documents get made available when and where you want them to be.

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