10 March 2021

Welcoming the SFDR level 1 (and the EMT 3.1)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is becoming increasingly integrated in investment policies and processes. As SFDR level 1 enters into force today, it marks a first important milestone in the roll out of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

SFDR level 1 are the first of new regulations to enter into force this year that will impact all funds directly or indirectly, regardless of the types of funds managers provide, including new data standards and new ESG specific disclosures. One of the more visible consequences is the introduction of a new version of the European MiFID Template (EMT), version 3.1, which also goes live today as an interim template to ensure compliance under MiFID II. The changes in version 3.1 have been introduced to allow the reporting on product classification under the SFDR, as well as to support country specific changes for distribution in Germany and France.

SFDR: 2021 preparation is key to 2022 success

For SFDR firms however, today only marks the beginning of a two year roll out of the SFDR regulation. SDFR level 2 will enter into force by the beginning of next year, and it is critical that by then firms should have the appropriate processes and technology in place that support the production and monitoring of any SFDR related disclosure documents.

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You can also watch the replay of our Practical Guide to SFDR Investor Disclosure here.

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