A warm and colourful working environment favours creativity and forward thinking

The KNEIP Art Collection was born out of Mr Bob Kneip’s desire to share his passion for art with friends, clients and the team. It consists of many artist’s work and is very diverse, consisting of paintings, graphics and sculptures.

Mr Kneip, our founder and chairman, started the collection in 1993, and continues to support artists across the world, buying unique pieces that suit KNEIP’s persona.

 The collection is mainly made up of pictorial artworks referred to as pop and post-pop, reflecting both 1960’s sub-culture and the renewal of a reappropriation of media and icons.

 The collection features several generations of artists working on the representation and deconstruction of daily life, through visual media.
Sharing his passion for art is very important to Mr Kneip and a large proportion of the collection is permanently exhibited at our KNEIP offices in Luxembourg, Lausanne, London, and Paris. Bob has expressed many times that he believes a warm and colourful working environment favours creativity and forward thinking, of which I agree.

My personal favourite is ‘La copine du grand mou’ by Renaud Delorme. In a world where preserving our environment for our future generations is becoming more and more important, I admire this piece of work that is made of all recycled materials and symbolises a very important topic right now. Delorme collects hundreds of discarded items including computer chips, film rolls, bottle caps and shampoo containers and turns them in to works of art.

I love how the piece has multi dimensional layers and changes colour through out the day as different light reflects off it, and who doesn’t like the fantastic four?!

I think this artist’s work is very unique, mixing pop art, recycling art, and computer graphics, balancing both image and object. It is a fantastic addition to the KNEIP art collection and continues to be an admired piece by our staff and guests.

We are often visited by clients who wish to see our art collection and we hope to soon enhance that experience through a digital channel, allowing visitors to quickly identify the artist associated to a particular piece and get more information on both the artist and their inspiration for the piece.

Art is intertwined with KNEIP’s cultural DNA, and forms a large part of our personality as a business.

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