6 July 2020

The next stage in our transformation

By Neil Ward

“Over the last three years we have been transforming our business to operate in a market that is changing fast. We have put digital technology and an agile approach at the heart of everything we do so that Kneip can continue to grow for the next 27 years. It also means that we are in line with the transformation that many of our clients are going through, that we understand their challenges and can better support their growth.

Like many global businesses, a key question is ‘What is core and what is non-core?’. We have had to ask ourselves this question and for us, the answer is the adoption of a partnership model for resourcing our non-core operations and engineering. It allows us to refocus on our core business, mitigate the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and continue to do more for our clients, more effectively and more efficiently.

This does have implications on how our teams are structured and the work that they do. As a result of this, we’ve made the difficult decision to make some people redundant and have recently reached an agreement with our Staff Delegation on a Social Plan that will see 70 people leave the company. We’re committed to supporting our people through this period by providing training and resources to help them on their path to a new career elsewhere and I’d like to thank those individuals for the part they’ve played in making Kneip what it is today.”

Neil Ward
CEO, Kneip

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