28 January 2021

Techround.co.uk: leading in a deliberate way to foster diversity

Read the full interview of our CEO, Enrique Sacau on TechRound, a UK-based tech publication.

“Society is diverse and we wish to reflect society. What is more, we want to lead in a deliberate way to foster diversity. This is because we absolutely want everybody to feel safe in our community: different, yes, but also respectful and mature. You can only foster this diverse community by being deliberate about it.

At Kneip we are deliberate about the way we encourage diversity, going well beyond simple acknowledgment and respect, and into celebrating difference. We’re building a true progressive culture, and I know from experience that if people can express themselves freely about their identity, it will make for better employees and improve the quality of our organisation.”

Enrique Sacau, CEO, Kneip

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