9 February 2022

Release notes: EPT v2.0 is here!

Yesterday FinDatEx published the latest version of the European PRIIPs Template (EPT). The new EPT v2.0 incorporates the changes based on the revised PRIIPs RTS, which followed the public consultation held by FinDatEx in November 2021.

The objective of the PRIIPs EPT and CEPT is to facilitate the exchange of machine readable PRIIPs data in relation to financial products in order to allow MOP manufacturers using underlying funds/financial products to fulfill their own PRIIPs reporting requirements, and also allow look-through on target fund investments.

31st December 2022: the end of the EPT v1.1

Whilst the EPT is intended to be used for products sold from January 2023 onwards, the market is now expected to start preparing for the new template as the first EPT 2.0 will start to be published in August 2022.

nullEPT v2.0 implementation timeline

Key changes

The new EPT v2 takes into account the critical market feedback that was gathered during the consultation period. The disclaimer has been updated and includes the clarification that the EPT shall be aligned with the KID. Within the PRIIPs dataset, new Booleans are now available to “unquote” entire sections.

In terms of the general portfolio information:

  • Risk section: Minor updates, including adjusted SRI field.
  • Performance section: Minor updates, including links to PPD and PCR disclosure
  • Cost section. No changes
  • Narrative section. Conditional, primarily needed for insurers in DE and IT
  • UCITS section. Removed

Note also that the impact of the UK situation on the EPT is still unclear as to this date no decision has been taken. Two possibilities are envisaged: either the UK market will integrate the EPT 2.0, or it will create a separate template.

How Kneip can help

Kneip simplifies and accelerates the process of ensuring PRIIPS regulation compliance. With our solution you have the flexibility to produce PRIIPs EPTs (v1 and v2), CEPTs and KIDs in base language as well as in other destination languages. And you can trust that our experts continue to ensure that you remain compliant with the latest regulatory trends.

With Kneip, you can:

  • Increase efficiencies by covering every aspect of document production with one tool
  • Leverage data already available through other Kneip services
  • Stay ahead of regulatory changes as Kneip ensures your compliance with the latest PRIIPs rules


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