Register a fund

A complete solution for marketing approval of funds in the countries selected for distribution worldwide.

Fund registration

Register and file European domiciled UCITS and AIFs in the countries selected for distribution.

  • Faster time to market for new funds
  • Track your funds throughout the registration process
  • Reduce administrative burden during the authorisation process
  • Align with the distribution requirements and best practices in all target countries

Regulatory filing

File all relevant legal fund documentation to the National Competent Authority of domicile of the fund.

  • Speed up time to market for Asset Managers’ product
  • Reduce administrative burden for product approval and document updates
  • Meet regulatory timelines with integrated calendar function
  • Gain transparency through online reporting
  • Reduce risk of human error via automation

Target market

Create and maintain Target Market definitions for your products in compliance with MiFID II.

  • Support Target Market definitions in all industry standard formats including EMT (for Excel), CSV, FundsXML and Openfunds
  • Reduce administrative effort to centralise and manage Target Market definitions• Facilitate data imports via standardised file formats on full and partial data sets
  • Ensure annual certification of product governance with expiry date at ISIN level

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