We can take that pain away

The simplicity of our service starts from the moment you share data with us: we don’t impose any standards. You can send us data in the format of your choice whilst we do the work to upload it in our systems. We then make sure that the right documents are produced (in the right language) and published along with your fund data, to every destination within your distribution footprint.

Your funds get more views from potential investors

We don’t just publish data to media vendors and distribution platforms: we check that it matches what you or your Fund Administrator sent us. If it doesn’t, we contact vendors to fix any discrepancies. We can guarantee the highest data consistency on the market, which means less noise from your teams and more exposure to potential investors.

We’ve got your back with media vendors

We serve over 10,000 funds so we have strong relationships with hundreds of media vendors and distribution platforms. We are always ahead of any process changes and because we know the landscape so well, we can provide recommendations to help our clients maximise their distribution footprint.

And of course we report back to you

It’s easy for you to keep track of our work and check that it is done to the highest standard. We provide reports across everything we do, we so can see what was published where, and check that it was accurate.

Imagine life without the noise of inaccurate fund data

No frantic calls to media vendors
No reports back from regulators
More exposure to potential investors

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