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Kneip can help you simplify and accelerate PRIIPs compliance. European leader in investor disclosure reporting, Kneip produces more than 200,000 UCITS KIID, PRIIPS EPT/KID per annum.

Business challenge

Producing PRIIPs documentation can be complex. Standard calculation methodologies must be followed to calculate risk, performance scenarios and cost. The content, calculation results in KIDs must be presented in a compliant way, in accordance to the final Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS). Maintaining regulatory compliance can be time consuming, costly and risky, not least because reports must be updated in case of any material change.

Our solution

We simplify and accelerate the process of ensuring PRIIPS regulation compliance. With Kneip you have the flexibility to produce PRIIPs EPTs, CEPTs and KIDs in base language as well as in other destination languages. And you can trust that our experts continue to ensure that you remain compliant with the latest regulatory trends.


  • Increase efficiencies by covering every aspect of document production with one tool
  • Leverage data already available through other Kneip services
  • Stay ahead of regulatory changes as Kneip ensures your compliance with the latest PRIIPs rules

How we support it

The following products support your MiFID compliance efforts:

PRIIPs EPT/KID. Accelerate PRIIPs compliance.
Transaction Costs. Calculate transaction costs.
Ongoing Charges. Calculate ongoing charges.
Document Dissemination. Disseminate your EMTs.
Data Publication. Publish your MiFID data.
Fund Registration & Filing. To home and host regulators.
Legal Announcements. To media outlets.

The ultimate PRIIPs checklist

Our experts have created this free tool to highlight the critical questions you need to raise for preparation, production, dissemination and filing.

PRIIPs is coming: how to plan and prepare

Practical steps and guidance on using this transition as an opportunity to rethink how you manage investor disclosure

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