8 December 2021

Introducing Kneip’s new CTI Reporting solution

With this latest product release our teams have extended Kneip’s offering to include a solution for your Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI) Reporting. The new tool is built on proven Kneip technology to meet the goal of the CTI report as set by the Financial Conduct Authority: “to simplify the exchange of necessary cost information over to institutional investors”.

The CTI framework has been designed according to industry standards, allowing institutional investment managers and asset owners to collect and compare costs and charges as well as other fund information in a standardised and transparent form. The initiative provides clarity for asset managers about what data to supply and allows pension schemes and asset owners to compare costs between managers and drive better value for their savers and investors.

CTI Reporting is a challenging task for many asset managers, as they must collect the different data types required for CTI production, apply specific data grouping and calculations, and produce a bespoke report template to serve institutional investors.

A solution built with our clients, using proven technology

Over the past months our product development team has worked closely with clients and our wider community to truly understand these challenges and find ways to solve every one of them. As a result we developed a full solution for CTI Reporting which integrates with our investor disclosure and calculation engine offering and leverages data already available, thus reducing cost of data and ensuring consistency across disclosures. Whilst our CTI solution launches today, some of our clients are already using it and seeing those benefits.

CTI Reporting as part of a broader end-to-end investor disclosure and industry template solution

If you tackle each investor disclosure document and industry template with a separate solution you are likely to operate with redundant data flows, duplicate work, increase the risk of inconsistent data & missed deadlines, as well as inconsistent publication scopes. This in turn can hurt your bottom line.

To mitigate this risk and increase value for your organisation and ultimately your investors, our CTI Reporting solution is built on the same technology that powers calculation engine for Transaction Cost & On-going Charges as well as the production of the DCPT & FVPT disclosures. In addition, the calculation engine is fully integrated with Kneip’s investor disclosure platform for UCITS, PRIIPs and SFDR disclosures.

Since Kneip does not impose data standards our clients can send data in any machine-readable format. This data can then be re-used creating automated synergies between documents which can be leveraged to truly take efficiencies and consistency to the next level.

Last but not least, Kneip’s Regulatory Watch initiative ensures that you always stay ahead of the curve. Our teams are constantly monitoring the evolution of regulation as well as industry templates. They keep you updated on any changes that happen, any impact is explain, and your documents are kept future-proof as we make any necessary changes as part of our standard service.

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About the Cost Transparency Initiative

The Investment Association (IA) is the leading trade body and industry voice for the UK funds sector (including Kneip as a key member).  As a chief contributor to the landmark Asset Management Market Study (AMMS), the IA created the Defined Contribution Pension Template (DCPT) in partnership with the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

In parallel with the DCPT, the AMMS prompted the formation of the Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI).

The CTI is an independent group supported by the IA alongside the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) and the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Advisory Board.

The CTI has since released an industry-ready template, which can be used for the disclosure of costs and charges to UK institutional investors.

Kneip are now proud to announce the availability of the CTI template within our market-leading Cost Calculation solution (which already supports the DCPT).

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