22 November 2020

Kneip subject to cyber attack

Kneip suffered a cyber attack on 19 November. Precautionary measures were swiftly taken to contain the issue. We have informed our customers and continue to be in constant contact with them. The affected systems have been identified and our crisis team, supported by a team of cyber security specialists, is working on the matter to ensure minimal disruption to our service and to restore it fully as soon as possible. Kneip has reported the matter to the police and has informed the CSSF.

Enrique Sacau, CEO: “Criminals targeted us, and honest people serving honest customers were put in a difficult position. We have worked flat out since Thursday to reach out to our clients and to build a plan for full resolution. I wish to thank our teams, our customers, our partners and the data vendors. Kneip has had to face difficult times before in its 27 year history, and we’ve always come out stronger. I know this time will be no different.”

We will continue to keep our clients updated on our progress in resolving this issue, but if you wish to speak to someone in our team, please contact your account manager or use this form.

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