24 August 2022

Kneip / Clearstream Fund Centre: 3 things you should know

From the 1st of January 2023 Kneip will become the exclusive provider of fund data and documents for Clearstream Fund Centre. In this article we explore 3 things you should know about this development.

1. Clearstream Fund Centre is one of the largest fund distribution platforms

Clearstream Fund Centre is a centre of excellence for global fund distribution support with over EUR 400 billion assets under administration. More than 430 fund distributors use Clearstream Fund Centre to gain access to more than 600 fund providers with a single legal agreement. Clearstream Fund Centre’s covered investment universe is continuously growing and currently offers over 76,000 products, including funds of the major ETF providers.

2. The partnership with Kneip is exclusive

As part of Kneip’s recent acquisition by Deutsche Börse Group and Clearstream Fund Centre’s role as a central supplier of information within the area of Distribution Support, Kneip will be appointed as the designated provider of all fund information (fund data and legal documents) on behalf of Clearstream Fund Centre as of 1st January 2023.

3. There are additional benefits to working directly with Kneip

Data is critical to success in fund distribution and Kneip commits to providing the highest level of consistency for the data published across destinations. With Kneip, you can consistently publish 100% consistent fund data and documents to all the right destinations. By combining Kneip’s data management solution with Fund Centre’s distribution capability, clients will increase the quality and availability of the data and documents that are published, which ultimately will lead to more exposure, more investments and better ratings.

On 1st April 2022 Kneip became part of the Deutsche Börse Group, operating as a standalone business with the intention of acting as a central fund data hub for Investment Fund Services. Within this ecosystem, Clearstream and Kneip will be able to deliver new solutions and drive more value for funds clients at every stage of their business.

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