25 January 2023

Kneip becomes exclusive provider of fund data for Clearstream Fund Centre

Kneip, a leader in fund data management and reporting solutions for the asset management industry, has become the sole provider of fund data and documents for Clearstream Fund Centre.

Clearstream Fund Centre is a centre of excellence for global fund distribution support with over EUR 400 billion assets under administration. More than 450 fund distributors use Clearstream Fund Centre to gain access to 550 fund providers with a single legal agreement. Clearstream Fund Centre’s covered investment universe is continuously growing and currently offers over 76,000 products, including funds of the major ETF providers.

As Kneip becomes its designated data provider, all fund information (fund data and legal documents) are now supplied to Clearstream Fund Centre via Kneip. Kneip commits to providing the highest level of consistency for the data published across destinations, as its clients can publish consistent fund data and documents to all the right destinations. By combining Kneip’s data management solution with Fund Centre’s distribution capability, clients increase the quality and availability of the data and documents that are published, which ultimately leads to more exposure, more investments and better ratings.

In addition to publishing data to Clearstream Fund Centre, Kneip can also simplify the collection of 3rd party data. Fund distributors have a regulatory obligation to collect data and documents from asset managers so that they can determine if the investors are suitable for the product they want to invest in. Kneip works between asset managers and distributors to offer a single source of data and documents clients can trust.

Bernard Tancré, CEO of Clearstream Fund Centre, said: “We are delighted to grow our portfolio of high-quality data services and products for our clients together with Kneip. Their advanced technology is unique in the fund industry today, and it is how we ensure the highest data consistency on the market. Clients of Clearstream Fund Centre will profit from increased efficiency and safety in the investment funds sector.”

Enrique Sacau, CEO of Kneip, said: “In today’s market, data quality has become critical to success in fund distribution. Through this collaboration we support Clearstream Fund Centre in enhancing its data and document portfolio, whilst also offering distributors a single accurate feed for all data and documents to be collected.”

Enrique Sacau, CEO of Kneip, and Bernard Tancre, CEO of Clearstream Fund Centre

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